bt848x project - video capture for Solaris

What's bt848x project?

bt848x project aims to construct Video4Linux-compatible video capture infrastructure under Solaris.

bt848x project releases four packages:

bt848x package (SysV package name is KSWbt8x8)
Previous version of our product. It includes bt848x driver for Brooktree Bt8x8 chips, utilities and headers. It is incompatible with other packages. It is relatively stable.
v4lcmn package (SysV package name is KSWv4lcmn)
Common files for "Video4Linux for Solaris." It is still in developing.
bt848x1 package (SysV package name is KSWbt848x1)
bt848x1 driver for Brooktree Bt8x8 chips. It is still in developing.
saa713x package (SysV package name is KSWsaa713x)
saa713x driver for Philips SAA713x chips. It is still in developing.


Current Packages (stable)

Upcoming Packages (experimental)

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