Patches to Video4Linux-compliant Application

Patches to Video4Linux-compliant Application, originally wrote for Linux/x86.

MPlayer and MEncoder

Patch for MPlayer-0.90 (Supplied by Michitoshi Sato)

MPlayer is a movie player for Linux and other Unices. Michitoshi Sato wrote patch to Video4Linux demultiplexer for bt848x, you can watch TV/video on MPlayer with bt848x driver. MPlayer implements de-interlacing processing, better motion quality will be achieved.

In addition, his patch contains Solaris audio support for MEncoder ( movie encoder included in MPlayer package). With MEncoder, you can record captured movie/audio into file. This patch should be used in conjunction with libavcodec in FFmpeg-0.4.6 (see below). Japanese users can read his article in June issue of SunWorld magazine, published by IDG Japan.


Patch for FFmpeg-0.4.6 (Supplied by Michitoshi Sato)
Patch for FFmpeg-0.4.7 based on Michitoshi's patch. Note that mediaLib support seems broken.
Patch for FFmpeg-0.4.8 based on Michitoshi's patch. Note that mediaLib support seems broken.

FFmpeg is video and audio recording/conversion suites. It includes libavcodec, video and audio codec library.


Patch for EffecTV-0.3.8

EffecTV is a real-time video effecter. This patch also fixes byte-order dependency.


Patch for jv4l-0.7

jv4l is a Java support for Video4Linux (and bt848x). It implements JNI interface between Java and these video capture APIs. Patch seems to be applicable up to bt848x-0.1.5.


Patch for MAlib-0.5.5

MAlib is media analysis library. It also means motion analyzing, movie architecture, and media authoring. It implements input from Video4Linux (and bt848x) capturing.

% gpatch -p0 < libmalib-0.5.5.patch
% env CC='gcc -w' CPPFLAGS='-I/opt/KSWbt8x8/include' ./configure
% gmake


Patch for setv4l-0.3

setv4l is a simple command line program for changing the picture settings of a Video4Linux (and bt848x) device.


Patch for Gqcam-0.9

Gqcam is a Linux (and Solaris!) clone of the QuickPict software that comes with the QuickCam. GTk+ based simple viewer.


Patch for Camserv-0.5.1

Camserv is a free program to do streaming video through the web. Apply patch first, and configure and make it.


Patch for Motion-3.1.16

Motion is a software motion detector. It's useful to take snapshot of movie, or live streaming with low band-width line. Thanks Joel Estes for info!

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