Hardware Requirement

PCI video capture card using Bt8x8 chip family
'Bt8x8' refers chip family of Brooktree or Conexant, such as Bt848, Bt848A, Bt849, Fusion878. Whether chip vendor is Brooktree or Conexant does not matter because Brooktree is now Conexant. There are various cards using Bt8x8, so easy to purchase, I think.
UltraSPARC workstation or PC with PCI bus nexus
Workstation must have (vacant) PCI bus slot. All newer desktop/server models (such as Blade 150, Blade 100, Ultra 10, Ultra 30, Ultra 60... etc) have PCI bus interface.
Video graphics card configured to use 24-bit or more color depth
Viewers need TrueColor screen to display. To confirm this requirement, run xdpyinfo command and check depth of visual for default screen.

[SPARC only] PGX32/PGX64 or FFB2+ are preferable because they have hardware based color space conversion function. But, these video graphics cards are often configured to use 8bit color depth, please beware. Run m64config or ffbconfig command to change color depth of OpenWindows configuration. And you can't use this function in higher resolution mode (such as 1600x1200).

Audio cable with stereo plugs
bt848x doesn't support digital audio interface, you should connect audio-out of video capture card into line-in of sound card if you use tuner.

Software Requirement

Solaris 8 or later of SPARC platform edition
bt848x is tested on Solaris8 and Solaris9. It is not sure whether bt848x runs under Solaris7 or before. This package contains 32 bit and 64 bit versions of driver, so no need to care about kernel operation mode.
mediaLib™ (SUNWmlibl)
Some of viewers (sdlview and v4lsview) requires mediaLib™. mediaLib™ is a library optimized for multimedia processing. It can be obtained from without fee. mediaLib™ 2.1 and 2.2 and 2.2.1 are known to work.
SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer)
Some of viewers requires SDL shared library. SDL can be obtained freely from Compiled package is available at SDL-1.2.4 is known to work, but I am not sure that utility program works with SDL-2.x series.
GTK+ (Gimp Toolkit)
Bundled utility program requires GTK+ shared library. GTK+ can be obtained freely from Compiled package is available at GTK+-1.2.10 is known to work, but I am not sure that utility program works with GTK+-2.x series.
root privilege
You must be authorized to use that machine as root. Once installed, any user can read video capture device by default.

Requirement for Developer

If you have interest in building package or developing application by yourself, you will need following software.
C compiler
Sun C Compiler (such as Forte C/C++ or Sun ONE C/C++) or GCC-3.x.
  • Compiler and linker should be 64-bit ready to create 64-bit driver.
  • GCC-2.x is not supported in building driver [SPARC only]
Reported that some version of GCC-3.x can't generate working driver.
mediaLib™ header files
SUNWmlibh contains developer files
sourceforge Account
CVS committer must be sourceforge user.

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