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1.1 Content of package

KSWv4lcmn contains following files:

Viewer programs
Viewer program based on SDL
Viewer optimized for PGX frame buffer (SPARC platform only)
Viewer optimized for FFB+ frame buffer (SPARC platform only)
Unified viewer of above

Utility programs
GTK-based video characteristic controller
Frequency allocation database utility for TV station
Radio tuner
Viewer invocation tool
Command line utility to change operational attributes.

Header files
Header file for V4L1
Header file for V4L2
Symlink to /opt/KSWv4lcmn/include/
Symlink to /opt/KSWv4lcmn/include/

Maintenance commands
Command for creating device special file
Command for listing physical device nodes
Command for generating V4L related information
Command for creating symlinks under /usr/local