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2.3 Maintenance commands

2.3.1 makedev-v4l

makedev-v4l - creates Video4Linux device files
makedev-v4l install DRIVER_NAME
makedev-v4l uninstall DRIVER_NAME
Name of driver. Valid names at this release are bt848x and saa713x.

makedev-v4l creates Video4Linux device files.

It should be ran if new capture card was installed to system and it had “PCI subsystem IDs.” If so, you realy need it EVEN IF system was rebooted with -r (reconfigure) option or had /reconfigure file.

2.3.2 lsnode

lsnode - List nodes of physical device tree.
lsnode [-amvh] [-d VENDORID[:DEVICEID]]
Show all nodes. Without -a, lsnode lists PCI device nodes only.
Specify PCI IDs. Decimal and hexadecimal notation is allowed.
Produce machine-readable output.
Produce verbose output
Print help message

Enumerates PCI device and displays PCI device ID, PCI vendor ID and optionally subsystem IDs under SunBlade 100.
          % /opt/KSWv4lcmn/sbin/lsnode -mv
          NAME                   VID  DID  SVID SSID
          ide                    10b9 5229    -    -
          ebus                   108e 1100    -    -
          isa                    10b9 1533 10b9 1533
          video                  109e 0350    -    -
          pci108e,5043           1011 0046 108e 5043
          pmu                    10b9 7101    -    -
          sound                  10b9 5451 10b9 5451
          pci                    1011 0024    -    -
          firewire               108e 1102    -    -
          SUNW,m64B              1002 4752    -    -
          network                108e 1101    -    -
          usb                    108e 1103    -    -
          % /opt/KSWv4lcmn/sbin/lsnode -d 0x108e:0x1103
          node: 0xf007f450
            class-code: 000c0310
            compatible: 'pci108e,1103.1' + 'pci108e,1103' + 'pciclass,0c0310' + 'pciclass,0c03'
            device-id: 00001103
            interrupts: 00000004
            name: 'usb'
            reg: 00006300.00000000.00000000.00000000.00000000.02006310.00000000.00000000.00000000.01000000
            revision-id: 00000001
            vendor-id: 0000108e

2.3.3 report-v4l

report-v4l - Report Video4Linux-related information
Summerize Video4Linux information.
          Solaris release... 5.9
          Machine architecture... sun4u
          Hardware architecture... SUNW,Sun-Blade-100
          Searching device node for Bt8x8...
            video                  109e 0350    -    -
          Searching aliases for bt848x driver...
            bt848x "pci109e,36f"
            bt848x "pci109e,36e"
            bt848x "pci109e,351"
            bt848x "pci109e,350"
          Searching major device number for bt848x...
            bt848x 198
          Searching for installed instances of bt848x node...
            "/pci@1f,0/pci@5/video@2" 0 "bt848x"
          Searching naming rules of special files for bt848x...
          Searching for kernel module for bt848x...
            200 7808e000  20683 198   1  bt848x (Bt8x8 video grabber )
          Searching device node for SAA713x...
          Searching aliases for saa713x driver...
          Searching major device number for saa713x...
          Searching for installed instances of saa713x node...
          Searching naming rules of special files for saa713x...
          Searching for kernel module for saa713x...
          Searching special files...
            256359    0 crw-rw-rw-   1 root     other    198,   0 Aug 31 18:22 /devices/pci@1f,0/pci@5/video@2:video
            1209906    1 lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     other          39 Aug 28 22:57 /dev/video0 -> ../devices/pci@1f,0/pci@5/video@2:video

2.3.4 i_prefer_to_usr_local

i_prefer_to_usr_local - Create useful symlinks under /usr/local
i_prefer_to_usr_local [-r] [prefix]
Remove symlinks instead of adding them.
Specify directory to link from.

Creates (and removes) symlinks to Video4Linux related stuff under /usr/local. Files will be linked are user executables and header files.